What are Admixtures?

Concrete additives have been used since Roman and Egyptian times, when it was discovered that adding volcanic ash to the mix allowed it to set underwater. Similarly, the Romans knew that adding horse hair made concrete less liable to crack while it hardened, and adding blood made it more frost-resistant!

The measurable Changes we made in 2011

Wow, this year went by so fast! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! As we close out the year, I find myself reflecting on the results of changes we implemented at the start of the year, and I can actually see the positive impact this one change has made.

AMCA Newsletter – July 2017

July 2017 In this month’s AMCA newsletter: Flashback Friday – AMCA Members Help Build Sheraton 2004-2008 Member Profile: Members Working on Your Behalf GC Expo – August 23rd – Register Today! Southern Arizona Contractors Golf Classic – Golfers, foursomes, and sponsors can now register online at amcaaz.com Save the Date – AMCA Annual Awards Banquet, November 4, 2017 Building Arizona for […]

Professional Installation

Hiring the right contractor to install your project can seem like a daunting task, however, it is worth your time in finding one. You should know that concrete construction poses its own unique challenges to build the right way. This is precisely why we are dedicated to help our customers through each step of design and installation of their project.

Some Concrete Facts….

Colored Concrete Chart showing some of the various colors available
for your next project.

Stamped Concrete Explained

The transformation of concrete into decorative concrete is achieved through the use of a variety of materials that may be applied during the pouring process or after the concrete is cured.