Be Prepared Before You Hire A Contractor

Hiring the right contractor to install your project can seem like a daunting task, however, it is worth your time in finding one. You should know that concrete construction poses its own unique challenges to build the right way. This is precisely why we are dedicated to help our customers through each step of design and installation of their project.

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Licensed Contractor V.S. Unlicensed Contractor

These are only a few examples of how the unlicensed contractor can under-bid your project by avoiding participating in these types of protection. Being unlicensed puts homeowners at extreme risk when performing work on their property, giving the homeowner no recourse when trouble arises on the job.

Saturn Concrete is here to help you choose the right paving stone/retaining wall contractor and to work effectively and fairly with this contractor to achieve the results you desire.

Hiring a pro in simple steps…

Do your research
Have an idea of the products you want to use. Get pictures, collect magazines to help you envision what you want for your outdoor environment.

Create a short-list
Make a list of contractors to evaluate your project and submit estimates. Make sure you’ve seen their previous work and checked their references.

Choose a contractor
Selecting the right one doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest. Consider qualifications, past work, references, knowledge and experience.