Wow, this year went by so fast! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! As we close out the year, I find myself reflecting on the results of changes we implemented at the start of the year, and I can actually see the positive impact this one change has made. This year, I took the time to work closer with our team members. As I worked side by side with our employees, I was able to get a better idea to what their employment needs and wants were. Interestingly, it was not what I had previously thought.

I learned that employees really like to feel appreciated for what they add to the company as a whole. Aside from the paycheck, it is equally important to them to know that we care about them and their individual circumstances. To simply “Get to know them” carries some weight. By doing this, we help create the synergy within our company that we strive for. How ever our employees feel about their jobs, good or not so good, it reflects in their work ethic and performance. This is something that customers can see clearly. So, what I learned is: it all starts with us.

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