12” retaining walls, extending entrance 18’ from the original entrance created additional frontage space for walking traffic. Added new curb and sidewalks at drop off lane.

Public Works

Updated ADA Ramps to Truncated Domes. Scuppers, Spillways, Sidewalks and Drive Approaches in various public street locations through out the City of Surprise.

Mesa Municipal Court Entrance

Modified front entrance with 16” tile joint patterns. Plaza area featuring a checker board design with Red Sangria Color against standard white concrete squares. Ramp walls & steps to main entrance.

Jumpstart Day Care

At this location, we installed a new parking lot, curbing, ADA compliant sidewalks P-1230 from city street to main entrance.

T-Bird Medical Plaza

This property manager contracted us to build a courtyard lunch area which boasts a “San Diego Buff” color mix with ½ moon, circle sweat finish.

Skate Pad

This fun project included a 6” thick concrete pad, placed on 2.4 6×6 wire mesh with a hard trowel finish.

35th AVE & 101 FWY Phoenix

Lay out and install a new basketball court slab 6” thick. Rebar Matt 32” on center in the 35 AVE & 101 FWY Phoenix area.

Truck Loading Ramp & Wall

Construction of new loading ramps and walls to accommodate larger trucks at this remodeled warehouse.

Chase Bank Anthem

For this new build, we poured a monolithic slab with site work, curbing, drive thru islands and sidewalks.

Centennial Park

We constructed this park by installing a 5,000 sf. playground pad, sidewalks and 24 concrete benches. We also built parking lot curbing & valley gutters at this site.