Radius Retaining Wall

Radius retaining wall designed to curve with the existing mountain edge. Structured wall to keep any rocks or water flow into the entrance.

Basement Slab & Footings

Check out this huge underground basement slab with footings and walls which was placed 12 feet below the street elevation.

Basement Retaining Wall

Retaining wall 12” thick x 16′ tall. Designed for a 3500 sf. basement and underground garage entrance.

Colored 3/8 Exposed Aggregate

We worked with this homeowner and his family to create a new, shaded ramada area by implementing their custom design of exposed, isolated bands and shapes on the concrete.

Colored Driveway

New, 3,000 sf. Driveway entrance from the existing dirt road to garage door. An additional drive entrance was installed to allow vehicles to pull up to the front door of the house and exit at the east end of the property.